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"I just finished reading this book, a memoir, written by my friend Dale Engelson Sessa who I met here on FB. It is so wonderful to be able to connect with such talented, gifted and NICE people on Facebook. I really enjoyed reading it. It is such an honest, brave, open and raw account of Dale's life and I feel honored to be able to get to know her through this memoir. Much of her adventures I could relate to and I was completely involved in her journey. Dale is a very talented lady and I give her many kudos for writing and finishing her first book! She has absolute guts to be as brutally honest as she was. And if anyone wants a good read I would definitely recommend it!"



"Congratulations Dale Engelson Sessa!!! The perfect read for our end of summer trip to Cabo. Such raw emotion and so beautifully written!!! And All the Queen's Men: A Memoir. Go and get it friends!!! xo"




"I'm reading your book and loving every word! As the pages turn, I go from deliriously happy to incredibly sad and back again. Like the song Edith Piaf sang, you can truly say, "Je ne regrette rien." That's a life well lived and a fabulous story to tell. Congratulations!"





"Dale, I mentioned to Joe what a wonderful experience I had reading your Memoir.  We read for a living and find it difficult to find the time to do much reading outside the world of investing.  That said, I was completely absorbed by your writing.  A good friend introduced me to the Great Santini years ago, written by Pat Conroy, which gave me the same sensation of sitting in the room while the story played out around me.  I devoured your book in two or three sittings and I’m not a speed reader.  I simply could not put it down.  I had two or three pages of notes when I was done just to prove how much fun I was having.  Thank you and I look forward to thanking you in person when we see you next."


"I loved your book! I cried, was stunned, scared, overjoyed with the unwinding and brave examination of self within this memoir. I am so glad you let the story of your heart be vulnerably presented to the world as we will love each other and ourselves a little more fervently after reading your memoir. FIVE STARS!"


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