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“A stunningly candid telling of one woman’s struggle to maintain power in business and in the bedroom. In an age that said, “You can’t.” Dale Sessa said “I will,” and she exposes her life with clarity and wit and an honesty that astonishes. Her story is uniquely her own, but her dilemma and her decisions are every woman’s to make and, like Dale Sessa, to conquer.”


–––ROBERT GOOLRICK, Author of Heading out to Wonderful and A Reliable Wife.




“Sessa's first book touches down in the turbulent era of the 1970s and storms on from there to document a life battered by sex, fear, disappointment and a dozen other provocative topics. Her prose has an elegant sensibility that is entirely original and riveting. A smashing memoir and coming of age story told through the eyes of a wise, fascinating soul.”


–––JENNIFER KAUFMAN, best-selling co-Author of Literacy and Longing in LA, and co-Author of Freud’s Mistress.




“Dale Sessa delivers a compelling, literary memoir. Part ‘The Great Santini’ –– part ‘The Happy Hooker,’ AND ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN takes us on a deep, emotionally challenging journey leaving us breathless when, in the end, the author finally finds what she’s been searching for.”


––HOWARD GORDON, Executive Producer of “24” and “Homeland.”




“This brave, fascinating and very private story of a life is engrossing and captivating. Ms. Sessa reveals her journey as a woman and we identify with her, as she recounts her personal experiences. Her memoir will resonate with women of all ages.”


––IRIS RAINER DART, bestselling author of Beaches.




“By telling us everything––the good, the bad and the ugly, Dale Engelson Sessa pokes into the most vulnerable of places and leaves the reader believing that regardless of the choices we make or the hand that life deals us; there is plenty of hope to be had. AND ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN is an intimate, fierce and funny story of a brave, capable beauty with a very BIG life! Sessa has lived it all, and writes with unabashed honesty about her experiences with three husbands and assorted lovers. Her unflinching new memoir takes us on a hopeful, sometimes dicey, but always compelling trip of a lifetime.”


–––MONICA HOLLOWAY, Author of Cowboy and Wills and Driving with Dead People.


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