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Read excerpts from: AND ALL THE QUEEN'S MEN

excerpt 1

Now that my family was complete and we were living a high-end lifestyle in a beautiful home, I confronted the gilded-cage life that...Read More

excerpt 2

Our maternal grandfather, Jacob Stark, parked himself day in and

day out in an orthodox synagogue...Read More

excerpt 3

excerpt 4

Aaron and I hadn’t seen one another for many years and I had to admit to being somewhat tense. We were to meet...Read More

Each evening when we sat down to one of my elaborate dinners, I

followed the same routine...Read More

excerpt 5

It’s invariably hard to tell the levels at which one knows something with such
certainty.  When I think about Aaron now...Read More

excerpt 6

After bathing and applying lotion to my body, I checked my face

in the bathroom mirror and quickly entered the bedroom...Read More

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