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After bathing and applying lotion to my body, I checked my face in the bathroom mirror and quickly entered the bedroom across the hall. Still flushed from the wine and my Saturday night triumph, I flung off my nightgown and slipped into Brad’s bed. Posing my body,

I also splayed my long black hair to its best advantage on the pillow, as I had seen in the movies. I broke into a smile so broad; I thought my dimples might become permanently etched in my cheeks. I lay nude situating myself under the sheets and then I waited in the empty bed. I waited a long, long time. But finally he walked into the room wearing a blue terry bathrobe.


“You need a good night’s sleep.” He tucked me under the covers. “I also want you to like yourself in the morning. I’ll go to the guestroom.”


I thought I would die, but simply said “Oh… okay…” trying hard not to sound overly confused and upset. It was not at all okay, but I was at a loss for words. I had come to Brad with an open heart and a clear schedule, and as the evening progressed, I only wanted him more. I had preplanned this evening down to every detail including the sexy nightgown I had packed, which certainly was not for the benefit of the Hadassah ladies’ sleepover. Ellis and the children didn’t expect me home until the following day. Brad kissed me chastely on the forehead like a parent might kiss a child in his or her bed before shutting off the lights.


“Good night love,” he whispered in my ear with intensity, tugging the belt of his robe a little tighter.


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